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Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh

North Carolina
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Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, North Carolina NC


Crabtree Valley Mall is a two-storey attractive modern mall. There are plenty of great stores for kids like Disney, GameStop, and Build-a-Bear. Couches provide places to kick back. Many upscale chain restaurants are located here, such as PF Changs, BRIO Tuscan Grill, and Cheesecake Factory, which has a beautiful entrance in the mall. If you want a counter-service option, there is Panera Bread. In a building to the side of the mall is Barnes and Noble!
After, get some nature by walking the two-mile paved loop at Shelley Lake Park, where you'll see lots of geese and maybe a bald eagle. You can even walk to Shelley Lake Park from the mall, along the Mine Creek Trail, a three mile walk that is mostly paved!


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Grand floor in the mall.
Grand floor in the mall.
The magical entrance to Cheesecake Factory.
The magical entrance to Cheesecake Factory.
Nice spot to sit.
Nice spot to sit.


Crabtree Valley Mall is located at 4325 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612. There is plenty of free parking.

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