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Lassiter Mill Park, Raleigh

North Carolina
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Lassiter Mill Park, Raleigh, North Carolina NC


Lassiter Mill Park is a small park where you can show your kids a dam. Water from Crabtree Creek spills over the dam and it's fun to watch. This dam was used by lumber and grain mills starting in 1780. There's not much else to do here except sit at the picnic tables, catch some sun on the smooth rocks, or fish.
This park is in a nice neighborhood so you could go for a walk after. Even better than the sidewalk is the Capital Area Greenway, or Crabtree Creek Trail, which goes for miles starting on Lassiter Mill Rd, just a few steps north of this park.


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Shady walkway in the park.
Shady walkway in the park.


Lassiter Mill Park is located at 3365 Lassiter Falls Circle, Raleigh. There is a small parking lot.

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04/20/2019 08:42
I love doing photo sessions here.

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