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Morgan Creek Greenway, Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Morgan Creek Greenway, Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


Morgan Creek Trail is a wide, paved 0.85 mile trail that leads from a parking lot near the main highway, under some high electric poles, beside the creek and some sewer outlets, to Merritt's Pasture. I thought Merritt's Pasture would be a lovely spot for a picnic but the grass is very long. The view of the pasture is nice though, at the end of the trail. This greenway is ok for exercising- there is some road noise but it's not too bad. You aren't by the creek for most of it, so it's a bit plain, and the electric poles are ugly. Once you do get to the creek, it's pretty, but on hot days it really reeks because of the sewer cylinders. This made the walk extremely unpleasant, and unhealthy I would imagine.
To avoid the stinky sewer cylinders, halfway along take the path to the right/south that leads to Southern Village Greenway, a much nicer walk.


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Bridge over the creek.
Bridge over the creek.
Merritt's Pasture.
Merritt's Pasture.
The path.
The path.


Morgan Creek Trail Parking Lot is located at the end of a driveway just off Highway 54. It is one minute drive south of the NC Highway 54 Bypass, where Chase Park Apartments are located.

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