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Raleigh Rose Garden

North Carolina
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Raleigh Rose Garden, North Carolina NC


The Raleigh Rose Garden contains rows of roses behind Raleigh Little Theater, in a recessed lawn. Because it's recessed, it's pretty secluded and doesn't feel that safe if no one is around. In between the roses there are no paths but just lawn. The Little Theater building is a real eyesore so it doesn't add much to this fairly plain area. There are many varieties of roses to check out and smell. 
I wouldn't come out of your way to visit this garden but if you're in the area anyway and it's a busy weekend day (so that it has some atmosphere and people around) you could check it out.
After, have a coffee at Cameron Village Shopping Plaza.


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White roses and dark pink roses.
White roses and dark pink roses.
Purple irises.
Purple irises.
Rose garden with forest behind.
Rose garden with forest behind.


Raleigh Rose Garden is located at 2703 Everett Ave, Raleigh NC 27607. There is some parking in a little lane behind Raleigh Little Theater or you can park along the road on some of the roads nearby and walk downhill to the rose garden.

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