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Pensacola Lighthouse

North Florida
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Pensacola Lighthouse, North Florida FL


Pensacola Lighthouse is a pretty black and white lighthouse located on the bay with fairly plain views of the coast and land surrounding. It is located on the military base right next to the National Naval Aviation Museum so it's an easy stop before or after your visit. This, however is its disadvantage because there are many people visiting at peak tourist times. There are some old buildings you can walk around with old equipment to check out.
You can climb the 170 steps to the top without a tour which is convenient but not very practical. On the summer Saturday we visited there were way too many people on the fragile plank at the top. Even worse when we tried to come down, someone had blocked the way off a platform at the top of the 170 steps while more and more people came down the ladder from the very top, filling up the platform to the brink. It was enough to almost incite a panic as people feared the platform would collapse with all the weight. Then the person who had blocked the way proceeded to go down the stairs as slowly as she possibly could two steps per stair clinging to the railing! Meanwhile we all sweated in the mildew air on the steps waiting for her to go down. It was awful! There was no one overseeing any of this and making sure that people would be safe. 
I would suggest only visiting this lighthouse on a weekday and not in summer. Or skip on it as it's not very well managed.
On a positive note, my six year old daughter was able to manage this climb easily so it's not a bad place to take kids on a less busy day.


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The Fresnel lens.
The Fresnel lens.
The lighthouse and trees.
The lighthouse and trees.
View from the top.
View from the top.
The fairly plain view from the top.
The fairly plain view from the top.


Pensacola Lighthouse is located at 2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola FL 32508, call (850) 393-1561.
Open M-S 10-5:30, Sn 12-5:30.
Admission is $7 for adults, $4 for seniors, military, and children aged 12 and under.
No slippers or heels. Children must be 44" tall or 7 years old to climb, and can not be carried in the tower.
The first floor of the museum is accessible.

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03/18/2020 23:51
Pretty views of the bay! Felt good up top even on a hot day!

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