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Bellows Beach

Oahu, HI
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Bellows Beach, Oahu Hawaii


Bellows Beach is part of the military and is only accessible when they open it on weekends. It is really just the north end of Waimanalo Beach. Backed by a large forest of ironwood trees, it is a magical spot to go for a long stroll. From Bellows, you can look to your right along Waimanalo Beach and the tall Koolau Cliffs behind.
Situated on the windward side of the island, Bellows Beach can sometimes be overblown with wind, which often causes there to be Portuguese man-of-war in the water. Named "blue bottles" in Australia, these are tiny floating jellyfish-like creatures that are blue in color. They are more common in the summer. Look out for them on the shore or floating on the water. I usually choose not to swim if I see any because the sting is quite painful.
Most days though, swimming at Bellows Beach is a wonderful experience. There are no rocks, just a sandy ocean floor. And there are sometimes small waves that are good for bodyboarding. Bellows Air Force Station, where this beach is located, was named after Lt. Franklin Bellows, a WWI hero. It was one of the air fields that was attacked along with Pearl Harbor in 1941.


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Beautiful Bellows
Beautiful Bellows
The mountain range you see in Waimanalo town when driving to Bellows.
The mountain range you see in Waimanalo town when driving to Bellows.


From Kalanianaole Hwy, turn right into Bellows Air Force Base.
Open to the public Fri 12-8, Sat 6am-8pm, Sun 6am-8pm.

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02/26/2010 20:48
many great weekends here, bbqs, love this beach :)

10/15/2009 13:13
Waimanalo is one of the last places to experience Old Hawaii- If you like things laid back, visit This area now before everyone else discovers it!

10/06/2009 15:02
Thank you! My wife and I have enjoyed seeing this coastline. Hope to return this Spring!

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