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Diamond Head National Monument Hike

Oahu, HI
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Diamond Head National Monument Hike, Oahu Hawaii


Diamond Head National Monument Hike is a strenuous, short hike around many small switchbacks to the top of Diamond Head. Little views along the way give you a peek of what's ahead. But it isn't until you've reached the top that you see why you bothered to get so hot and sweaty to get up here. Sparkling views from Koko Head to Barber's Point, and a cooling much-welcome breeze await you! Bring water or you'll be willing to pay the million dollars for those crystal clear wonderful bottles individuals offer you at the top. Actually, I think the price went up lately- apply for a loan at the summit.
The hike doesn't seem all that hard until you get to the 99 steps. Pass that with a little wind left in you and you reach the tunnel (they tell you to bring a flashlight, but you'd have to have a serious Vitamin A deficiency to not be able to see in there). I might have it in the wrong order- it's all a blur now- but I think at this point you reach some MORE stairs and a spiral staircase where you might need a respirator to get some oxygen if the big-butted guy in front of you doesn't hurry it up so you can get out of there. Then there's a severely low duck- listen to the poor guy's knees crack in front of you- and finally you reach the top! It can be so crowded up there that you can smell the onion-laden dinner that the guy next to you ate last night, but it's all worth it. Aaaah, life isn't that bad after all! The varied colors of the ocean below and the panaromic views of Honolulu are a joy.
The hike takes about thirty minutes each way.
For a wonderful swim after, check out nearby Kahala Beach, secluded Doris Duke Beach, or the popular, perfect waters at Waikiki.


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The road that leads into the park, with Diamond Head crater up ahead.
The road that leads into the park, with Diamond Head crater up ahead.
Lots of stairs to climb and great views of Koko Head and Koko Crater.
Lots of stairs to climb and great views of Koko Head and Koko Crater.
Looking inland toward another bunker.
Looking inland toward another bunker.
Amazing colored water below.
Amazing colored water below.
View of cute Diamond Head lighthouse.
View of cute Diamond Head lighthouse.


From Waikiki, drive east down Kalakaua Ave, and turn onto Monsarrat Avenue. Continue for about a mile and then turn right into Diamond Head Crater. Entry is $5 per car or $1 per pedestrian, cash only. Open daily 6am-6pm. Last entry is at 4:30pm. Come early to get a parking spot.
Click "satellite" on the map to see the gorgeous aerial photo of Diamond Head Crater and the colorful ocean around it.

This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

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Margie Abella
01/29/2017 02:41
Upon reaching the top of Diamond Head trail, Wow! fantastic view of Waikiki & the Ocean was real colored blue. Such a solemn place with a ultimately fantastic sceneries.

kendall Ryder
06/29/2016 05:13
I love hiking! There are so many places in Hawaii to hike around and visit. The Diamond Head hike seems like my kind of hike. I like hikes that challenge me and provide a good workout. And, if you're on vacation, chances are you aren't eating the best and skipping out on workouts so hiking can make up for that!

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05/25/2010 16:15

10/22/2009 19:09
nice hike!!!

09/19/2009 20:10
Great hike! The views were beautiful. Definately start the hike early morning. The trail can get crowded in the afternoon. Get ready for A LOT of stairs!

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