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Dole Plantation

Oahu, HI
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Dole Plantation, Oahu Hawaii


There's nothing really comparable to Dole pineapple whip. It has its own light smooth texture and delicate flavor that is uniquely delicious. Even though Dole Plantation has all the features of a major tourist trap, it can make for a pleasant stop, but you MUST get the dole whip!
The Dole building has been redone and it's really nice to sit on the new tables on the back patio and look up at the rows of Norfolk pines. After silently taking in the extreme yumminess of your pineapple whip, work it off with a walk around the maze!
We found a good way to do the maze. My husband, who is from Holland in an area near natural caves where people have become lost and died, knows of a guaranteed way NOT to get lost in mazes. I wasn't sure I believed it so I conducted my own scientific experiment and, while he was sure certain ways would end in a dead end and we could skip them, I insisted on conducting my experiment with sound scientific hands-on techniques, and never skipped a turn. I followed his Dutch advice to a T and it worked!
Here's the technique: when you enter any maze, keep your right hand on the bushes or walls beside you on your right at all times and you will in the end always get out of the maze. Same goes if you want to keep your left hand on the left bushes or walls. In this particular maze, the left side leads you out immediately so you must use the right side. It only works if you do it from the very beginning of the maze. Also, be careful not to walk through one of the holes in the maze that cheaters have made! It takes about half an hour to get out of the maze using this method, if you're walking fast. The only thing is, you won't find all the stations in the pencil game if you follow this method, so you have to skip the game. The best part about this way of walking the maze is that you won't be one of those poor miserable dudes we saw squeezing through scratchy bushes trying frantically to find ANY blasted way out of there! And there were quite a few of these desperate cases!
Kids like to wander freely and find the stations for the pencil game.
After the maze, you feel like having another dole whip, especially if you were so good as to share one with your husband at the start. But resist! Because you need to look good in your swimsuit for your swim at one of the wonderful North Shore beaches, just minutes away!
There is also a train ride, and a garden tour (see prices below).


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The pale yellow main building with white trim.
The pale yellow main building with white trim.
Bushes throughout the main part of the maze are 8 feet high.
Bushes throughout the main part of the maze are 8 feet high.
The entrance to the maze.
The entrance to the maze.


Dole Plantation is located at 64-1550 Kamehameha Highway, Wahiawa HI 96786, call (808) 621-8408. From Waikiki, take H1 West to H2 North. Continue to Kamehameha Highway (Hwy 99). You can't miss it!
Dole Plantation has a nice website with information about pineapples.
The maze costs $6 for adults, $4 for kids aged 4-12, and is free for kids under age 4.
Train ride costs $8.50 for adults, $6.50 for kids aged 4-12, and is free for kids under 4.
Garden tour costs $5.00 for adults, $4.25 for kids aged 4-12, and is free for kids under 4.
You can also buy combo tickets for multiple attractions for less.

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Trung Tran
04/09/2012 23:15
We had so much fun time in the world largest maze , our two kids want to
go to Dole Plantation again
Love from California â¥

10/27/2011 20:34
AND they have the cleanest bathrooms on the way to the North Shore!

08/09/2011 19:54
I love the maze!...was lost in it several times!! much fun...and I love the huge koi that we fed when we were done...I miss dole pineapple!

02/26/2010 20:47
yum! this place is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/15/2009 13:56

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