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Kailua Beach

Oahu, HI
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Kailua Beach, Oahu Hawaii


Kailua Beach is a pretty but windy beach with lots of grassy hills where one can rest in the shade and have a picnic. The water is less clear than at Lanikai Beach. However, the beach has a more open feel to it than Lanikai Beach because it is a beach park with houses only on the far end of the beach. It is nice for a breezy long walk, and you will find many residents enjoying walks along with you.
Don't swim near the lagoon area- this applies to all beaches- as there is bacteria there. The most dangerous time is after rain. Definitely do not swim on the far northern end of the beach (called Oneawa Beach) where water bacteria levels exceed state and national standards because of the nearby Kawainui Canal.
You can walk amongst the ironwood trees and dunes at Kailua Beach. Windsurfing is popular and it is fun to watch lifeguard competitions held here. Colorful sailboats and windsurfers that go by add a festive feel to the beach.
You can kayak to Flat Island from Kailua Beach. Rent a kayak at Hawaiian Watersports and ask if they still deliver the kayak right to the canal at the beach (808) 255-4352.
You can take windsurfing lessons from Kailua Beach Adventures (262-2555) or Naish Hawaii (262-6068).
After the beach, have a fantastic non-greasy pizza slice (one slice is actually two huge slices and costs around $6) at Boston's North End Pizza Bakery. To get there, continue back where you came. After turning left at the big fork intersection, it's the first street on the right, Hoolai St. There's outdoor seating at this casual eatery. The Spinach Garlic pizza is my favorite!
Or for a more formal dinner, head over to Assaggio Italian Restaurant at 354 Ulunui in Kailua's downtown. They have really delicious Eggplant Parmigiana. See phone numbers below. Continue back where you came. Go straight at the light where there's the big fork intersection. You will be on Oneawa Street. Turn right on Ulunui Street and park along the road.
For an imaginative, wooden playground with ocean animal theme, head to Aikahi Playground, the best playground on Oahu. Kailua town is a classy yet relaxed place to go for an easy lunch.


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Taking a risk- looks blissful but you could get a staff infection.
Taking a risk- looks blissful but you could get a staff infection.
Under the guise of an idyllic location to play, danger lurks....
Under the guise of an idyllic location to play, danger lurks....


From Kalanianaole Hwy, turn onto Kailua Rd. At the big intersection that is a fork, take the right fork. Pass by some great shops you may want to check out: Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Starbucks, Lanikai Juice, BookEnds, and then at the three-way intersection with the traffic light, turn left (this is still Kailua Rd). Continue and turn right at Lihiwai Rd.
The first beach access point is at Lihiwai Rd, a circular loop.
The second beach access point is if, instead of turning into the loop, you cross over the lagoon on the small bridge, and then turn left into a large parking lot. The grassy hills here are nice for picnics.
Boston's North End Pizza Bakery, 31 Hoolai St, Kailua HI 96734, call (808) 263-8055.
Assaggio Italian Restaurant, 354 Ulunui St, Kailua HI 96734, call (808) 261-2772.

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12/05/2010 12:54
Kailua Beach Park has comfort stations with restrooms and showers on both side of the stream....and plenty of parking (except on the busy week-ends). The park has walking pavements and plenty of trees for shade. A real delight.

04/09/2010 20:32
I was there December 2008, amazing beach.

10/22/2009 19:10
I'm ready to go again--would love to go this week!

10/15/2009 13:21
Kailua Beach is one of the best beaches in America by general acclaim. I spent a week there at a small bed and breakfast and experienced the whitest and softest sand plus little overcrowding most of the year make this an excellent place to vacation or retire. And nearby Kailua has good restaurants, coffee places, shops, friendliest people in Hawaii

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