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Manoa Falls Hike

Oahu, HI
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Manoa Falls Hike, Oahu Hawaii


Manoa falls is a popular hike with the university crowd. Only a mile in, you will find yourself sitting on a bench taking in the lovely falls overhead, unless you get lost, of course, which we did in a torrential rainstorm as we wandered round and round over slippery tree roots, with sad, sorry faces! Ever wondered why it's so lush here?
Still, if you don't get lost I suppose it's a lot of fun! The falls are pretty, the birds sing sweetly, and the forest is as tropical as it gets!
Make sure you wear sneakers not flip flops because it can be slippery!
The strand of Banyan trees near the trailhead is the location where the TV show "Lost" Season 1 was filmed, when Jack found Charlie hanging from a tree, after Claire was kidnapped by the Others.
For an easier hike in the jungle, go to Lyon Arboretum instead.
Explore the beautiful college town of Manoa while you're here. Surrounded by high mountain ridges and gifted with huge rainbows that span the entire sky nearly every afternoon, Manoa is a magical place with groovy coffee shops and natural hippie grocery stores. There are two delightful parks with playgrounds: the mystical feeling University Avenue Park and Manoa Valley Park, which is incredibly lush with gorgeous mountain views. Have a long wonderful walk around the campus of University of Hawaii Manoa and enjoy the old regal trees and the historical architecture. There you will find peaceful Japanese gardens.


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The beginning of the hike.
The beginning of the hike.
The waterfall!
The waterfall!


From the University Avenue exit, take University Ave towards the mountains. It becomes Oahu Avenue. Turn onto Manoa Rd at the 5-way stop. Continue to the end and park for free along the road. There is also a pay parking lot. It costs around $5 for the pay parking. There is a footbridge at the trailhead.
Don't leave anything shiny in your car for the bears...oops, I mean the car thieves, to see. Also, wear mosquito repellent unless you have that loving, generous urge to be a Red Cross donor.

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04/14/2011 08:55
After almost 30 years it was nice to come back and hike up to the falls. It's sad that a rock slide happened because the pool at the bottom is so small now. The hike up was great, they have really improved the walking path since the first time I did it many years ago. It was a beautiful day, the foilage was fantastic and what's really nice is it is still a very well kept secret on the island and you don't see alot of people hiking the trail so it's very peaceful.We hiked it at the end of February so there was very little mud on the trail. Closer to the falls the rocks were a bit slick.

12/22/2010 09:37
Glad you had fun! I wouldn\'t suggest getting in the water because there is the chance of leptospirosis. Save your swims for the ocean!

12/20/2010 17:10
Very pretty. Easy. Get in the water if there is no one around to stop you!

10/22/2009 20:08
just came back from a hike..loved it & met some really awesome ppl

09/19/2009 20:12
Did this in winter break with some friends - lots of mud, but the scenery is well worth it. Great time to do the hike - waterfall was full, and everything was lush and green.

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