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Spitting Cave

Oahu, HI
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Spitting Cave, Oahu Hawaii


NOTE: This area might be closing soon because it is so dangerous. Several people have died, and it is especially hazardous if you jump in because there is no way to get back out of the water.

Wow! I was so surprised to find this magnificent spot recently, especially since I spent 13 years living nearby and didn't know about it!
Geologically, this is a place of wonder. The ocean has created curvy layers in the rock that are delightful. Underneath you, as you stand on the rocks, the ocean is pounding out a cave! When the waves spill into the cave, they come spitting out in a huge horizontal gush! Summer is the best time to see this.
Water sprays up over rocks below on all sides. And the sunset is gorgeous. You are so high up that you don't get wet.
This area is where they filmed the sixth episode of the TV show "Lost: 2nd Season"! I was so surprised when I saw the episode! Other sites featured in "Lost" are: Kualoa Ranch, Byodo-In Temple, and Waimea Falls Park.
Another place to watch the sunset and some spray is Portlock Point at the little dead end street off of Hanapepe Loop (Turn right on Hanapepe Loop from Poipu Drive, park and then walk to Hanapepe Place). It's not as magical but it's a popular local spot where you can see surfers and swimmers jumping off the cliffs.
Whatever trash you bring, take it back with you!
For kids, there's a playground and baseball field on your way back, on Poipu Drive on the right. Let them burn off some energy before the drive back!
If you're hungry, check out the restaurants in the entry called Hawaii Kai Places To Eat.


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Views of Diamond Head in the distance.
Views of Diamond Head in the distance.
The amazing geological features of this area: curvy, layered rock.
The amazing geological features of this area: curvy, layered rock.
Waves crashing over rocks below.
Waves crashing over rocks below.
The cave spitting. Wait for a massive spray!
The cave spitting. Wait for a massive spray!
What a trippy place!
What a trippy place!


Take the H1 East until it ends and becomes Kalanianaole Hwy. Continue past suburbs on Kalanianaole Hwy for 5 miles and then turn right on Lunalilo Home Rd. Turn left on Poipu Drive. Go up the hill. Turn left on Lumahai St. Follow it and park along the road at the end. You will see the path between houses on your right. The walk down is a bit steep and slippery but doable.

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09/10/2011 21:51
Portlock - Oahu - MAJESTIC!!!!!!!!!

05/25/2011 19:50
We jumped it! Lovely spot!

06/06/2010 14:44
Yeahhhh.. Ill be visiting you so very soon..the gorgeous hawaii kai!

10/22/2009 20:16
Love it, love it love it!

10/06/2009 14:51
so good to see;)

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