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Cassadaga Spiritualist Town

Orlando, FL
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Cassadaga Spiritualist Town, Orlando FL


Cassadaga town is a small historic district of 57 acres where a tax-exempt spiritualist church exists and many psychics and mediums work. A spiritualist camp was founded at the end of the 19th century and continues as a religious organisation today. In the few blocks of historic houses in Cassadaga, there are plenty of signs advertising mediums, reiki masters, and psychics. You can also reserve time with a psychic at the gift shop of the Cassadaga Hotel. You can buy fairy statues and precious gemstones at the hotel's gift shop and also at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp gift shop across Stevens Street from the hotel. The camp's gift shop has more books and a better selection. 
The only place to eat is Sinatra's Ristorante at the Cassadaga Hotel. It is a popular spot, with pretty lighting and stained glass windows. The food was too seasoned so we felt sick afterwards.
Unless you are especially interested in psychics, seances, and the paranormal there is no real reason to visit this town. It was a little interesting to watch the women standing in line to book a half hour with a psychic, and also to browse the gift shops, but the town itself is not very pretty or appealing. Still, if you're looking for something different to do, this is not your usual place!
It's unfortunate that there isn't a museum or even a wall in the hotel dedicated to some history of the camp.
Before setting up the camp at Cassadaga, George Colby came to Blue Spring State Park, an area he had seen in his mind's eye during a seance in Iowa. It is indeed a gorgeous area where swimming is blissful!


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Gift shop in Cassadaga Hotel.
Gift shop in Cassadaga Hotel.


Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp gift shop,  1112 Stevens St, Lake Helen FL 32744, call (386) 228-3171. Open M-S 10-6, Sn 11:30-5.

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