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Edgewater Drive Walk, Dunedin

Orlando, FL
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Edgewater Drive Walk, Dunedin, Orlando FL


Edgewater Drive is a beautiful spot to go for a walk along the St. Joseph Sound. Here, under tall palm trees, you can look out at the calm blue water and the idyllic neighborhood around you.
Afterward, walk to the end of the long pier at Weaver Park. Or stop for a snack or coffee at one of the cafes on Main Street, just a few blocks north of where the walk ends.


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Shady street to walk along.
Shady street to walk along.


The walkway along Edgewater Drive that hugs the St. Joseph Sound starts as far south as Sunset Point Rd, and ends north at President St.

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01/28/2019 09:56
It was a very nice walk. If you have a couple hours and enjoy walking outside, I highly recommend this.

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