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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Orlando, FL
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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Orlando FL


Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is an interesting place to visit. Here a charming and humorous tour guide leads you through rooms full of artifacts from the actual Titanic. Items that are from the actual Titanic are labeled in black, whereas items from other ships of the time are labeled in white. These items show you what things looked like during that era. There are even champagne bottles from the actual Titanic.
You learn a lot about the Titanic and the sad events that led to people losing their lives unnecessarily even though there was plenty of room on the lifeboats.
Kids of about seven or older will enjoy this tour- others aren't old enough to appreciate it.
At the end the cold rooms with black windows really create an atmosphere of the night the ship hit an iceberg.
This is a unique and interesting, though sad, place to visit. And it's a good choice on days when it's too hot to be outside in the middle of the day.
Another great indoor place to visit is Ripley's Believe It or Not.



Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is located at 7324 International Drive, Orlando FL 32819, call (407) 248-1166.
Open 10am to 6, 8, or 9pm depending on the time of year. Last tour starts an hour before closing. Tours start each hour.
Cost is $22 per person- print a coupon from their website for $4 off.
Parking is free and there is shady parking in the back.

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