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Annie's Dock, Palm Beach Island

Palm Beach, FL
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Annie's Dock, Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach FL


You know you're in paradise when you visit Annie's Dock. Here you can look down at amazing crystal clear water. Sit on the edge, dangling your legs in happiness! To your right is the Palm Beach Inlet, straight ahead is the Blue Heron Blvd bridge of Riviera Beach, and to your left is Peanut Island with its boats and dense covering of palm trees. To your left is also the natural gas plant and Port of Palm Beach, unfortunately. And it is quite surprising when big freight ships ride past you, quite near the dock, from the port out the narrow inlet to the ocean. 
The water is so crystal clear here, despite the industrial areas of Riviera Beach nearby, because it is the easternmost point in Florida.
Many people bike to this spot along the N. Lake Trail, since there is no parking nearby. There is also a bus stop at Annie's Dock.



It is tricky to say where to park here. I haven't figured out if there is anywhere without No Parking signs. There is a bus stop at Annie's Dock, and there are plenty of people who bike ride here along the N. Lake Trail.

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