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Barton Ave Beach, Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL
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Barton Ave Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach FL


Barton Ave Beach is a quiet beach popular with surfers. It has a good feel to it, as surf beaches always do! It's also nice how it slopes downward, and feels cozy because it is tucked in beside a sea wall where waves splash up at regular intervals. 
Come here and relax into the soft sand while you watch the silhouettes of surfers as they wait for the next wave.
Just south of this beach is Midtown Beach, where you can walk on a promenade beside a pink wave wall.


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Surfers wait for the next good wave.
Surfers wait for the next good wave.
Waves crash over the sea wall.
Waves crash over the sea wall.


Barton Ave Beach is located at the eastern end of Barton Ave. There is a break in the sea grape trees where you can enter the beach. 
There are a few free parking spaces beside Bethesda by the Sea Church on Barton Ave near County Rd.

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