Brazilian Ave and Pan's Garden walk, Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach is a barrier island with one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the US. It's wonderful to walk the side streets between the intracoastal and the ocean. One of my favorite streets is Brazilian Ave. It's blissful to walk along it past hibiscus flowers, bougainvillea, coconut trees, tall hedges, and mansions, down to the sea. Duck into the courtyard of the yellow Brazilian Court Hotel to see its lush garden. As you head toward the beach you will come across the Memorial Fountain Plaza with its pool, seahorse fountain, arbors, and flowerpots. The beach here, Midtown Beach, has pale beige sand and a good-looking youthful crowd (rare in Florida).
Make your walk as long as you want, checking out all the side streets (Australian Ave, Chilean Ave, and Peruvian Ave) until you get to Worth Ave, a fancy shopping street.
On the corner of Chilean Ave and Hibiscus Ave, you will find Pan's Garden, a small gated garden with a pond, a 1920s tile wall from the Casa Apava estate, and a sculpture of the Greek god Pan playing a flute. It's a sweet little spot to chill out on a bench with your love.
At the west end of Brazilian Ave is Town of Palm Beach Marina, where you can stroll under beautiful old banyan trees and beside the intracoastal waterway, checking out the grand yachts. 

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Wonderful shells along the shore at the beach at the end of Brazilian Ave.

Banyan tree.

Mansion's shady driveway.

Mansions on Brazilian Ave.

Palmetto plant and peek of bluest ocean.

Amazing color of the ocean, and seagrape.

The color of the ocean at the end of Brazilian Ave!

The amazing wave wall.

Walking along Ocean Blvd.

Wave in the distance, wave wall and coconut tree trunk. What a place!

Walking along S. Lake Drive.

White hibiscus with red center.

Brazilian Ave gate.

Banyan tree on Brazilian Ave- glorious!

Gate of a house on Brazilian Ave.

Brazilian Court Hotel- peeking into its courtyard.

The courtyard of the Brazilian Court Hotel.

Curlicue and leaf design on a building.

Salmon pink house and silvery plants.

Ivy-covered wall and ornate gate, where Worth Ave meets S. Lake Dr.

Horse fountain at Memorial Fountain Plaza, on Brazilian Ave.

The reflection pool at Memorial Fountain Plaza, on Brazilian Ave.

Christmas tree and half-timbered building on Brazilian Ave.

Gate into Pan's Garden.

Pond in Pan's Garden.

Stepping stones in Pan's Garden.

Lily pads and cypress trees in Pan's Garden.

Tile wall bench in Pan's Garden.

Beautyberry plant in Pan's Garden.

Coral bench in Pan's Garden.

Stone stairs, in Pan's Garden.

Statue of Pan.

Gorgeous flowers on Brazilian Ave.

I love this Dutch-style house on Brazilian Ave.

Wooden Spanish-style garage doors with ivy, on Brazilian Ave.

Elegant building on the corner of Brazilian and S. County Rd.

Cafe L'Europe always looks pleasant.

Lantern and overflowing flower pot.

The awesome big letters at 300 Brazilian Ave.

Morning view of the beach at the end of Brazilian Ave.

Salmon pink house on Australian Ave near the beach.

Classy white mansion on Australian Ave near the beach.

Synagogue with beautiful design.

Looking across at Town Hall's adorable building.

Town Hall, near Flagler Memorial Fountain.

Cute French chair and table at Memorial Fountain Plaza.

The yellow Brazilian Court Hotel and its giant palms.

Amazing palms at the Brazilian Court Hotel on Australian Ave.

Flowers galore at the Brazilian Court Hotel on Australian Ave.

Lantern and hedge outside a Caribbean-style mansion.

Mediterannean mansion with purple bougainvillea and gorgeous details.

Hedges, attractive wooden gate, and lantern.

Palm trees catching the light along Australian Ave.

I love these plants, on S. Lake Drive.

White mansion with Greek sculpture on S. Lake Drive.

Perfect mansion with ivy, in the morning light.

Orchids on a palm trunk, plus monkeys on a bench sculpture.

Decorations galore at a mansion.

Orchids and ivy around a window.

Purple bougainvillea at a mediterannean mansion.

Tropical trees stretching high, at Brazilian Court Hotel.

Cute craftsman mansion with gate cute into the hedge.

Orange flower.

Gorgeous Brazilian Ave and its hedges.

Wonderful colors on the corner of Brazilian Ave and County Rd.

House with red bougainvillea.

When you reach the ocean it's bliss!

Cute tree outside a house.

Arabian-style house.

Palm Beach Historic Inn and its Spanish architecture.

Town Hall in the distance.

The beautiful town hall, like a castle.

Bougainvillea galore, at a park with a fountain, on the corner of Chilean Ave and County Rd.

Bougainvillea and flowering trees, in March.

Chilean Ave has a park with bougainvillea and a fountain, on the corner of County Rd.

Fountain and pool with lily pads, as you approach the shopping area of Worth Ave, from Hibiscus Ave.

Lily pad in the reflecting pool on Hibiscus Ave as it meets Worth Ave shopping district.

Lily pads in the reflecting pool at Hibiscus Ave and Worth Ave.

Tiled gate on Peruvian Ave, behind Via Parigi, an amazing paseo that leads to Worth Ave.

Gothic building on Peruvian Ave behind Via Parigi, a paseo that leads to Worth Ave.

Bell inside a heart-shaped curlicue, on a fence on Peruvian Ave.

Middle-Eastern architecture on Peruvian Ave, behind Via Parigi.

Shady path in the afternoon.

A tropical walk.

Palm trees above.

You reach the ocean!

The beach that awaits!

Clear water and some cute rocks.

Afternoon shade along the sidewalk.

Canary palm.

It's nice to drive across the bridge to get to the island.

The bridge and views of lanterns and glistening skyscrapers at night.

Blue-purple tropical flowers.

A blissful walk down Brazilian Ave!

The yellow Brazilian Court Hotel.

Flowering tree!

Silvery palm tree and popping green!

Half-timbered storefronts.

Decorative relief.

A wonderful tree!

Orchids below a fig tree.


Orchids hanging from a fig tree.

Brazilian Court Hotel has gorgeous landscaping outside on Australian Ave.

Sculpture and white pots.

House of Kahn.

Shells along the shore when you arrive at the beach!

Brazilian Ave at Christmastime.

Fountain in a walled garden across from Town Hall.

Town Hall at Christmastime.

Fountain with green tiles, across from Town Hall.

Blue fountain, across from Town Hall.

Driving over Royal Park Bridge, returning from the island at sunset. A blissful memory!

Blue pot and brown door.

The glorious cords of a fig tree.

Side streets are Brazilian Ave, Australian Ave, Chilean Ave, Peruvian Ave, and Worth Ave, on Palm Beach Island. There are some free 1 hour and 2 hour parking spots along the streets. Make sure you check the sign. 
Pan's Garden is located at the corner of Hibiscus Ave and Chilean Ave, and is open daily 10-4.

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