Clarke Ave Beach, Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Clarke Ave Beach is a beach popular with surfers, essentially a part of Midtown Beach but to the north. It has a good feel to it, as surf beaches always do! It's also nice how it slopes downward, and feels cozy because it is tucked in beside a sea wall where waves splash up at regular intervals. Shells line the shore and views of the two bell towers of Breakers Hotel frame every view. You can also see the city skyline of Riviera Beach from this beach. Many people hang out or take walks from Midtown Beach to here. The streets nearby, such as Seabreeze Ave, are also wonderful to walk. 
Come here and relax into the soft sand while you watch the silhouettes of surfers as they wait for the next wave. If you feel safer with lifeguards nearby, walk down the beach to the lifeguard shacks at Midtown Beach, at the ends of Brazilian and Chilean Ave.
Just 1km south of this beach is Midtown Beach, where you can walk on a promenade beside a pink wave wall. Here you can walk the lovely side streets around Brazilian Ave, enjoying the coconut trees overhead and flowers and hedges everywhere. 
North of this beach is Breakers Hotel- its bell towers look beautiful in the distance.
If you walk south from Clarke Ave Beach to Seabreeze Ave and then west across the island, you will come to the S. Lake Trail, a peaceful walkway and bike path along the intercoastal waterway. You can walk a short distance to regal Flagler Museum/Mansion.
A lovely garden nearby is the garden behind Bethesda by the Sea Church, which is one block north of Clarke Ave on Barton Ave. Four Arts Garden is also very beautiful. You can walk the side streets between Four Arts Garden and Bethesda by the Sea Church, zig zagging between the intracoastal and the ocean. The streets from south to north are: Seaview Ave, Seaspray Ave, Seabreeze Ave (my favorite), Clarke Ave (with Clarke Ave beach), and Barton Ave, where the church is located. Enjoy the palm trees, the hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers, and gorgeous details everywhere, like statues and sweet street number plates.

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Surfers wait for the next good wave.

Waves crash over the sea wall.

Sweet little wave at the shore.

Shells along the shore.

View of the twin bell towers of Breakers Hotel and the city skyline of Riviera Beach, from Clarke Ave Beach.

View of Caribbean-style mansion, from the beach.

View of Mediterranean mansion from the beach.

View of pale yellow mansion from the beach.

The sea wall.

We found a shark's tooth at the beach!

The dunes leading back to the Clarke Ave beach access gate.

Amazing plants at the Clarke Ave beach access gate.

The view is awesome as you stand at the Clarke Ave beach access gate.

Surfer in the perfect water.

A lot of birds!

The dunes at sunset.

Wonderful colors!

Beautiful vegetation and sky.

Long shadows and pink beach umbrella in the late afternoon.

Shadows on the sand.

Waves hitting the rocks at the shore.

Clarke Ave Beach is located at the eastern end of Clarke Ave. There is a public gate entrance.
There are a few free parking spaces beside Bethesda by the Sea Church on Barton Ave near County Rd, or on the various side streets. Check carefully to make sure it's a free parking. These are usually for one or two hours.

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