Coral Cove Beach, Jupiter Island

Palm Beach, FL

Coral Cove Beach is lovely at sunset when people gather on the walkway above the beach to watch the sun go down. The sand at the shore shines silvery in the light. On high surf days, you can watch the surfers from the wooden platforms where steps lead down to the beach. There are coconut trees that line the walkway and catch the golden light of the sun, and the Seaglass condo also looks pretty in the light.
When the waves are 4-6 feet, you can watch them spurt water over the limestone rocks. It is similar to Blowing Rocks Preserve, but the parking lot stays open later so it's a better choice. 
Jupiter Island doesn't have the prettiest beaches. The sand is very coarse and a dirty grey, and strewn with sea weed. The water however, is the usual beautiful and vibrant blue-green found in South Florida. Coral Cove beach is on the southern end of the island, and is fairly narrow. There are several access points and it's easy to park along the road or in the parking lot. You can walk north along the beach to Blowing Rocks Preserve. Across the street from this beach is a visitor center with interesting displays about coral and sea beans, plus a beautiful loop trail along the intracoastal beaches.
Across the road from Coral Cove Beach is Coral Cove Intracoastal Beach, an enchanting area with mangrove trees, white sugar sand, and the calm waters of the intracoastal waterway. Sometimes you can hear church bells in Tequesta sing out a song from across the water. 
For a beach with similar grotty sand but a much nicer feel to it (wider and with more people), head to Hobe Sound Beach on the north end of the island.
Come on a sunny day to see the pretty color of the water.

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Wilderness by the beach access.

Sea oats and pretty water.

View of intracoastal waterway from the wooden boardwalk that leads out of the beach.

The shimmering shoreline at sunset.

It's fun to watch the water spurting high.

Shady sidewalk popular with people walking in the morning.

Fine white sand near the dunes, on a very windy day. It seems like this sand might be brought in periodically.

The long beach.

Surfer in the evening light.

Surfer coming in from a session.

Couple watching the waves.

Sea grape and coconut tree.

Coconut tree in the afternoon light.

The path above the beach.

It's nice to stand on the path above the beach and watch the action.

SeaGlass condos are beautiful beside the path.

The dunes above the beach give you a high-up vantage point.

Looking at the ocean from the wooden stairs.

Churning water.

Surfer paddling out.

Rocks that blow the water into the air.

SeaGlass condos are a pretty addition to the beach.

The limestone rocks at the shore are gorgeous.

Beachgoers enjoying the end of day.

Oceana Coffee Cafe in Tequesta, a nice place to go after being outdoors.

Oceana Coffee Cafe is a great place nearby to hang out.

Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and head toward the ocean. After 4 1/2 miles, turn left on U.S. Highway 1. Follow the signs to Jupiter Island, turning right on Beach Rd. When you cross onto the island, you will pass some tall apartment buildings. After that, you can park along the road or in the parking lot on the right. Parking is free.


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Yes it was verrry warm this summer, but still good ole' Jupiter Island!)

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