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Northwood Village, WPB

Palm Beach, FL
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Northwood Village, WPB, Palm Beach FL


Northwood Village is a main street area in the north of West Palm Beach. It is quaint, with some climbing vines and flower pots outside the cafes, but overall quite run down. Bistro Bistro is a French cafe run by a real Frenchman. The lemon tart and chocolate croissants are good, and the outdoor tables have a pretty view of palm trees. There is a Mediterranean restaurant one block north and a Thai restaurant two blocks north.
While in the area, check out the Manatee Lagoon (a six minute drive). If it's high tide, the water will be clear and you can see lots of manatees in winter.


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Bright yellow storefront.
Bright yellow storefront.
Cute vines and pale yellow building.
Cute vines and pale yellow building.
Live Comedy theater.
Live Comedy theater.


Northwood Village and Bistro Bistro are located at 506 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach FL 33407.
Bistro Bistro, call (561) 228-1081.

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