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Rapids Water Park, Riviera Beach

Palm Beach, FL
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Rapids Water Park, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach FL


Rapids Water Park has a good variety of rides so that people of all ages and strengths can enjoy the park for hours! The park is pretty, with palm trees, and colorful decor. There is a huge banyan tree with plenty of pool chairs underneath where you can take a nap or leave your non-valuables. Here you can jump in the wave pool (the waves are only on for part of the time), which has waves that criss cross back and forth- fun! Behind the wave pool is a small kiddie area with lilypads and a giant crab that kids can climb on, plus a shady step beside a waterfall where parents can sit. Here older kids can also balance on floating alligators while holding onto a net above.
There is a succession of big rides that you can enjoy. The Big Red (42" min) is a double-rider ride on an inflatable tube with a scary drop at the beginning, but manageable even for young school-aged kids. It's fun to go round and round the red and white striped bowl. The green Riptide Raftin (must be with adult if under 48") is a four-rider ride on an inflatable tube that is calm and whishes you down some steep but easy drops. Good even for moms! Big Thunder (48" min) is the ride for teens, a real thrill that pops you out of your four-seater tube for a second as you swoosh high up and down in a giant blue and yellow checkered funnel. There is a viewing platform where family members can watch others going on the ride! These three have long lines so go early. There are great views of the park and the surrounding city from the top of the lines. Some rides aren't as fun because you don't have an inflatable tube and sometimes you ride in the dark. They generally don't have lines. They are Body Blasters (36" min), Pirates Plunge (48" min) a 7-storey drop and an elbow cruncher, and Baby Blue (48" min) with a blue and white striped bowl. Old Yellar (36" min) is four different yellow slides with mats, open-air, going down the grass hill.
Across the bridge in Splash Island, Black Thunder (48" min), the black and white checkered funnel, is similar to Big Thunder but mostly in the pitch black. Raging Rapids (48" min but not sure why), another four-seater tube ride, in the blue and white striped slide, is quite fun. Rapids Racer (42" min) is a six-slide race with rubber mats- fun enough for teens to ride a few times, and usually no lines! Flowrider (42" min) is a body boarding wave that is quite hard to master. At Criss Crossing, kids can balance on icebergs while holding onto a net above. There are many rides little kids can enjoy on Splash Island, like Splash Hill (36" min) with four open-air slides that are more fun than scary, and two short striped slides that have water that pushes you faster down (this was my 6-year-old daughter's favorite spot). Next to it is a round pool with steps in the middle and a yellow umbrella above- it's a great place to cool down and rest for a second. Splish Splash lagoon is a kiddie area with three water slides, a fort, cannons to shoot, and floating animals- it can be accessed via the lazy river. Tadpool is a wading pool for toddlers with a tree trunk slide and animal climbeys. 
The best part of course is the lazy river, which has some shady bits, some waterfalls, and moves quickly which is great!
You can't bring food to the park, but you can bring one water bottle each. There are plenty of places to buy food and snacks all throughout the park.


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Kids enjoying a sunny day at the water park.
Kids enjoying a sunny day at the water park.


Rapids Water Park is located at 6566 N. Military Trail, Riviera Beach. Exit Highway 95 at 45th Street and then head west on 45th Street. Turn right on Military Trail and then right on Port W. Blvd. There is a parking lot on your right, for $15 cash a day.
Opens March 9 for the 2019 season, until December 1.
Admission is $43 per person M-F, $48 per person weekends and holidays. Children aged 2 and under enter free. After 3pm, admission is $21.50 per person M-F, $24 per person weekends and holidays. Season pass is $100 per person. 
Lockers cost $15 large, $10 small, $5 deposit required.
No refunds or rain checks for bad weather or lightning.
Check hours here.

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