Singer Island at Riviera Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Singer Island at Riviera Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Southeast Florida! It has all the things a beach should have, including fine pale sand, perfect aquamarine water, coconut palms for shade, snazzy-looking blue chairs, fit people, dunes dotted with sea oats, and cafes right by the beach! Come for an early morning swim. It's blissful! The water is so clean and clear here because it is the easternmost point in Florida. 
There is a beach supply shop called Wings with everything you could ever need at the beach, plus a Subway Sandwiches. A fun place to eat under the grass shack umbrellas is Mulligan's. You could also drive 11 minutes north to Green Garden Cafe, my favorite place to get a salad or juicer juice (open weekdays only). 
Between the shops and the beach on the north side of the park is a playground with a huge slate blue shade canopy. Kids under six years old enjoy the toddler and regular playground, plus swings.
Take a short walk north and you come to Ocean Reef Beach, with a limestone reef where you can snorkel. During certain tides, there are rock pools where your kids can play. There is also a playground with a seahorse bouncy, near the parking lot.
Don't mistake Singer Island at Riviera Beach with the town of Riviera Beach, which is on Blue Heron Blvd more inland, because the town itself is not a place you really want to visit- it is impoverished and rundown. 
Also on Singer Island is  John D. MacArthur Beach, where you arrive at a tropical jungle and then take a trolley across the intracoastal waterway to a more isolated beach (there is no lifeguard). For a magical little morning trip, take the water taxi to Peanut Island, in the intracoastal by the inlet between Singer Island and Palm Beach, and do a tour of the old Coast Guard house and Kennedy's bunker.
To look down at crystal clear water, starfish, manatees, and all manner of sealife, check out Phil Foster Park, just minutes away under the Blue Heron Boulevard Bridge.

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Walkway in the sandy park by the beach.

Benches and shade canopy at the park in front of the beach.

Walkway by the shops and park.

Cafes and shops across from the park in front of the beach.

Wave wall by the park in front of the beach.

Abundance of soft sand.

Lifeguard shack and building that tells you the water temperature and warnings.

Nothing is better than a palm tree sky...

Chairs with shade that you can rent.

Lifeguard stand and blue sea.

Highrises that give this beach a more cosmopolitan feel.

Aaaah...the shore!

Couple walking in the water.

The wonderful shells along the shore!

The playground, with apartment buildings behind it.

The playground, which is mostly good for kids younger than 6.

A mom pushes her child on the swings at the playground.

Busy beach day two days after Christmas.

Sitting under grass umbrellas at Mulligan's.

Aaah yes.

Turquoise arbors, palms, and high rises. I love the Caribbean look here.

Mulligan's is a Caribbean yellow and the curving wall is turquoise...blissful colors!

The path to the beach has criss cross palms!

January day in paradise.

The crystal clear water is just amazing.

I love the water at this beach!

This beach is one of my favorites for swimming.

The shoreline is bliss.

Coconut trees and cute Caribbean colors.

Wings, a beach supplies store.

I love the Caribbean architecture.

Cafe in a Caribbean yellow building.

Chairs and tables with umbrellas, under the palms.

Ice cream shop.

The park in front of the beach.

Sandy path to the beach.

To avoid a sketchy neighborhood, come via PGA Blvd. Exit Highway 95 at PGA Blvd and head toward the ocean. You will go over a bridge and then drive for five miles along N Ocean Dr, past John D. MacArthur State Park and then a bunch of high-rise condos. Turn left on N Ocean Ave and then park in the Ocean Mall parking lot. Parking is free.
Mulligan's Beach House Grill, 2551 N. Ocean Ave, Riviera Beach, FL. 
Subway Sandwiches, 2501 North Ocean Avenue, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, call (561) 842-4747.
Wings Beachwear, (561) 844-6760.


2017-02-21 23:24:52

850m wide. 4 miles long. Isn't really an island because it connects at the top.)

Juanita ance

2017-02-21 22:32:30

How long and how wide is Singer Island?

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