Sunset Avenue Beach, Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Sunset Avenue Beach, accessed through a public gate on the east end of Sunset Ave, is a beautiful beach with an abundance of pristine white sand. There is lots of shade here in the afternoon from the tall buildings. There are many young people and cute young couples at this beach. You can walk for miles north up the beach, though at high tide your walk may get cut short by sea walls in front of mansions. Another public entry to this beach is at the end of Root Trail. Occasionally the private gates from the street to the beach will be unlocked so if you get stuck on the beach and want to get back to the street, you can try pushing them open. 
In winter there are huge blue man-of-war on the beach. They will sting if you swim, but they are fun to admire on the shore, like blown glass sculptures, with amazing purple and blue colors. There are also black-brown balls on the shore, from sea plum trees- very cool to admire. Fishermen cast their lines on the shore here. Coconut trees line the beach making you feel like you're in a tropical island paradise. You might even find a huge piece of driftwood on the sand.
It's lovely to do a rectangular walk. Park your car at Bradley Park. Walk Sunset Ave to the beach. Walk north up the beach. Find a gate to get back to the road somehow. Then walk west along a side street, admiring the pretty gardens and mansions. Once you get to the North Lake Trail, walk south on it back to your car. Then you have enjoyed both sides of the island, the beach and the intracoastal, with some pretty mansions on the way across, flanked by coconut trees galore and hibiscus flowers.
After, have a drink at the cafes in Via Flagler, on Royal Poinciana Way.
On the west end of Sunset Ave is Bradley Park, with sculptures, a Spanish pavilion, and a gazebo with sunset views over the water.

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Cactus at the entrance to the beach.

There are large swaths of shade in the afternoon.

Breakers Resort and the dunes.

Woman walking along the shore.

Adorable shells along the shore.

The Breakers Resort, on the ocean.

Waves lapping the shore.

An amazing purple and blue man-of-war.

Coconut trees along the beach.

Purple and blue man-of-war! I've never seen this before!

Footsteps in the sand.

Waves approaching a sea wall.

Sailboat going by.

Man walking along the shore as a wave splashes up.

Sea plum on the shore...from plants on the dunes.

Sea plum along the shore...from plants on the dunes.

Guys sitting at the beach on a winter afternoon.

Couple sitting at the beach.

Mansion on Sunset Ave, on the way to the beach.

Pineapple lantern along Sunset Ave, on the way to the beach.

Abundant shade in the afternoon on Sunset Ave Beach.

Sunset Avenue Beach is accessed by a gate on the east end of Sunset Ave. You can park along the streets nearby- check the signs to make sure parking is allowed.
You can also access this beach from the beach access at the end of Root Trail.

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