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Cardiff Towne Center

San Diego, CA
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Cardiff Towne Center, San Diego California


Cardiff Towne Center has a good feel to it. There's just something special about Cardiff, perched above the sea. People are attractive and wear interesting clothing, and everyone seems very happy and youthful! The Starbucks is a happening spot with cool people, and the Acai Cafe has upbeat, positive surf-loving employees. Seaside Market is a gourmet grocery store with a bakery and fancy cheeses.
In front of the stores, there is plenty of public landscaped space to hang out. At night, the center is lit up and feels quite magical with the cool ocean breeze blowing by.
For a pretty beach nearby (7 minutes south), check out Fletcher Cove Beach Park.


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Acai Cafe, at night.
Acai Cafe, at night.


Cardiff Towne Center is located at 2087 San Elijo Ave, Cardiff CA 92007.
Starbucks, 2081 San Elijo Ave, Cardiff CA 92007, call (760) 753-8867.
Seaside Market, call (760) 753-5445.

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