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Liberty Station Marketplace, Point Loma

San Diego, CA
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Liberty Station Marketplace, Point Loma, San Diego California


Liberty Station Marketplace is a small development of stores and restaurants. Here you will find beautifully restored historical buildings that were part of the former Navy Training Center. Orangey-pink Spanish Revival architecture, open grassy areas, and a fountain make this a pretty spot to stroll after grabbing a meal at one of the cafes. Kids will enjoy running free and "tight-rope walking" around the fountain's edge. 
An upscale area, Liberty Station Marketplace is filled with happy, well-dressed people doing their weekly shopping for organic, gourmet, yet affordable groceries at Trader Joe's or spending a night out at a cafe. Tender Greens is a great choice for a meal out. The acoustics are loud inside but the food is delicious, organic, and fresh, and the prices are right. You pay up front and take your tray to your table, so there's no waiting around for waiters. Try the flank steak with mashed potatoes.
Other great choices for a meal are Panera Bread, which has delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads, where you also pay up front. There's Starbucks, Five Guys (fast-food burgers) and various other ethnic cafes such as Ikiru Japanese.
Located in one of my favorite areas of San Diego, Point Loma, where you find a backdrop of colorful hills covered in a variety of trees, and the harbor and ocean permeating everything, this development is pleasing!
Check out Sunset Cliffs, for mesmerizing ocean views.
You can walk 15 minutes to Spanish Landing Park, for a pretty stroll along the marina. Admire the wonderful trees. 


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The hills above Liberty Station Marketplace.
The hills above Liberty Station Marketplace.
Spanish arches at Liberty Station Marketplace.
Spanish arches at Liberty Station Marketplace.
Decorative features from the Naval Training Center days.
Decorative features from the Naval Training Center days.
Fountain and Spanish tower.
Fountain and Spanish tower.


From Rosecrans St, turn onto Womble Rd. There is a large parking lot on your left. 
Panera Bread, 2445 Truxton Rd, call (619) 222-2122.
Tender Greens, 2400 Historic Decatur Rd, call (619) 226-6254.

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07/21/2010 13:13
good food- thank you :)

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