Baker Beach

San Francisco, CA

From Baker's Beach, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge stretch out across the bay right before your eyes. This is perfection- to be at the beach and beside the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time! Come when it's sunny and enjoy the views of the yellow Marin headlands and the red, red bridge. Then stay until the afternoon and watch the fog roll in.
The rock cliffs to the south are a gorgeous shape and make the beach feel cozy.
On warm days, the sand by the rocks on the north end of the beach is a clothing optional area. This is also the area where dogs are allowed off-leash. This combination could never be boring!
Watch out for the strong undertow when standing on the shore- I've seen it knock people over!
Dress in a puffy jacket because the wind here can be very cold! We watched a brave guy swim, showing off for three girls he was with, and boy did it look freezing! Summertime is almost always foggy here but autumn promises the chance of some sunshine.
If you're hungry and it's a warm day, bring a picnic and eat it at the picnic table in the pretty cypress grove.
To escape the cold wind, go to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, to Crissy Field, a gorgeous picnic spot under the bridge where kids love to climb the knolls and amphitheater.

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Flowers along the path to the beach.

Sandy path to the beach!

Lovely cliffs on the south end of the beach.

Beachgoer taking a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A beautiful but very cold place to live.

June afternoon at Baker Beach.

Located off Lincoln Blvd, near 25th Avenue. Once you enter the Presidio area, there are plenty of signs pointing you to the beach.
The address is 1779 Gibson Rd, San Francisco CA.
There are several parking lots at Baker Beach but often they are full on sunny weekends. You can take Sunset Bus 29 directly to the parking lot above the beach.


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