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Cable Car Museum

San Francisco, CA
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Cable Car Museum, San Francisco California


When you visit the Cable Car Museum, you get the rare opportunity to see the engines that pull San Francisco's cable cars along! It's very impressive to stand above the huge wheels and watch them turn. Kids love it!
You also learn about Andrew Smith Hallidie, who in the late 19th century, decided he wanted to spare the poor horses that were having to pull carriages up the steep San Francisco streets. He invented the first cable car.
In 1947 the cable cars were nearly destroyed in favor of cheaper buses but San Francisco's citizens fought against it. I'm glad they did!
At the museum, you can also see antique cable cars, and a film about how cable cars work.
After your visit, head over to Pier 39 for a meal and to see the sea lions!



The museum is located at 1201 Mason Street, San Francisco CA 94108, call (415) 474-1887.
Admission is free!
You can ride the Powell-Mason or Powell-Hyde lines to this museum.
Hours are daily 10-6 (Apr-Sept) and 10-5 (Oct-Mar). Closed on Jan 1, Thanksgiving (4th Thurs in Nov), and Dec 25.

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