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Fitzgerald Tide Pools, Half Moon Bay

San Francisco, CA
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Fitzgerald Tide Pools, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco California


Fitzgerald Tide Pools has treasures that kids will love to find! And since you aren't allowed to remove anything from the area, everyone gets to find the treats over and over again! There are yellow sea sponges, crabs legs with big grippers, speckled white and black rocks, and massive kelp bulbs attached to hard long tubes. Kids squeal in delight as they explore this blissful spot that bursts with nature! A stream leads down to the sea here, lined with Monterey Cypress trees that filter misty light. Around the bend, houses sit perched over the rocky beaches to the north. What a delightful view! To the south is a harbor seal haulout area. You can watch the seals from a distance while respecting their need for space and quiet. Don't miss this wonderful place!
Just north (a three minute drive), check out stunning Point Montara Lighthouse Beach, like a beach out of a fantasy movie.


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Kids will find many treasures in the sand here!
Kids will find many treasures in the sand here!
Kids LOVE this place!
Kids LOVE this place!
Light filtering through misty fog, at Fitzgerald Tide Pools.
Light filtering through misty fog, at Fitzgerald Tide Pools.


The tidepools are located at 200 Nevada Ave (where it meets Lake Street), Moss Beach CA 94038.
From Hwy 1, turn toward the ocean on California Avenue. At the end, turn right on Lake St, and you will come to the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, and parking. There is a kiosk with information on the wildlife, and restrooms. Walk the short path to a bench overlooking the tidepools. From here, you must climb down a few rocks to get to the beach, and leap over the stream to get to the tide pools.

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07/07/2010 11:48
I miss living in Half Moon Bay, spent my teenage years there.... hugs

10/09/2009 19:49
The light is really beautiful!

09/09/2009 13:58
My family and I were happy to discover this beautiful stretch of cliffy beach and reefs full of life. Well worth a stop.

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