Garden of Eden, Ox Trail, Felton

San Francisco, CA

Garden of Eden is a calm, green pool in the river, in the middle of the redwoods at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Felton. You take the Ox Trail to get here. It leads you through the most beautiful redwood forest. You then turn right on the abandoned railroad tracks and follow them. You have views of the bubbling river far far below. Once you have walked about 17 minutes since the start of the walk, there are a bunch of signs on your left (this is the second set of such signs). At this point you walk down a steep cliff to get to the Garden of Eden pool. Bliss! There are lovely smooth white rocks to sit on. Kids love to putter around gathering sticks. The water is cold, and the air as well! Bring your bubble jacket. This spot is busy on weekends, so come on a weekday or early in the morning when you will probably only encounter one or two people. See parking details below.
While you're near the redwoods, take a train ride through the forest at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton- it's a dream! Or you can take a train ride with the same company directly from Roaring Camp Railroads to Santa Cruz Boardwalk! It leaves each hour (it starts again in Spring 2023). 
Check out the coast near here with its beautiful cliffs. Lighthouse Field State Beach is an exciting place to visit to see the surfers and walk along the cliffs. After, walk along Santa Cruz Pier and check out the sea lions.

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Magical forest and river.

The river and white rocks.

The forest.

Driving along Highway 9.

So many trees!

Looking up at the trees and sky.

Logs on the ground.

The lush forest.

The railroad tracks.

You walk beside the railroad tracks.

Looking down at the river.

A man walks along the trail.

Greenest leaves catching the light.

New life at the forest floor.

The railroad tracks and white gravel, plus lush growth.

Looking down at the river.

A family at the Garden of Eden.

Smooth white rocks.

White water flowing into the Garden of Eden pool.

Ripples on the Garden of Eden pool.

The trail and sunlight coming through the trees.

New growth.

Ox Trail is located at 4150 Highway 9, Felton CA. There are about 12 parking spots, so come early!

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