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Ocean Beach

San Francisco, CA
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Ocean Beach, San Francisco California


Ocean Beach is a wonderful place to go! It feels so good to suddenly be at the beach after being in the city. It's a wide, sandy beach framed by dunes. Sometimes you can see people riding bizarre kite-contraptions on wheels down the beach- it's windy here. The air is lovely and salty, cold too, and it will refresh you and wake you up!
Dogs are allowed off-leash from Stairwell 1 at the far northern end to Stairway 21 (near Beach Chalet), and enjoy the fascinating things along the stormy shore like driftwood, jellyfish, seaweed, and shells.
If you're hungry, eat at the little rustic cafe called Java Beach Cafe, which is right where you get off the N line. Surfers hang out after riding the waves at Ocean Beach. Here you can find bagels, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and strong local coffees. On warm days, sit outside and watch the sunset over Ocean Beach. On cold days, stay inside and enjoy the charming wooden piano and driftwood lying around. They have free wireless internet.
Or you could take the N line or walk (a two-mile walk along Judah St) to the Inner Sunset District for a neighborhood with great ambience and good places to eat!
Spend some time in Golden Gate Park while you're here. The meadows are a dream and there's some nice playgrounds for kids.



Take the N (Judah) line on the MUNI to Ocean Beach. It's a great ride, and you take it all the way to the end, where the train then turns around in a big circle. Click "satellite" to see this from above. Cross Highway 1, and you are at the beach!
There is parking along the ocean north of Balboa Street, or between Fulton Street and Lincoln Way (alongside Golden Gate Park).
Java Beach Cafe, 1396 La Playa Street, San Francisco CA 94122, call (415) 665-5282

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01/15/2017 12:11
It looks a little cold to be in the water lol

10/06/2010 08:43
surreal...winter's my favorite time of year at Ocean Beach

11/06/2009 15:31
epic views and feel

09/09/2009 13:56
Hundreds of surfers here. it's getting more crowded by the month. most days it's a great low-key scene though. great place to get out of the city and into nature.

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