Pescadero Jetty

San Francisco, CA

Pescadero Jetty is a large jetty where waves crash impressively around you! On a rainy day it is nice to park here and watch the ocean, which is literally right at the parking lot. If your picnic plans are ruined, you can eat in your car with an ocean view. There is a wonderful beach to the right made of huge pebbles. Here, the water gushes up over the pebbles and then as it pulls back it makes a delightful sound.
If you head inland at the junction to the cute town of Pescadero, try the artichoke bread at Arcangeli Grocery. 
North of Pescadero Jetty, don't miss San Gregorio Beach where you will find perfect sand, a fun cave, and a lagoon.

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The gorgeous pebbly beach to the right of the jetty.

The lovely sandstone rock of the jetty.

"Check out these waves!" a viewer yells above the roar. Sea mist obscures the view.

Click "satellite" to see where the parking lot is. It's directly opposite the road that leads inland to the town of Pescadero, and there is a large brown sign that says "Historic Pescadero" on the inland side of Hwy 1 here. Pull into the parking lot on the ocean side of Hwy 1.
Arcangeli Bread Company, 287 Stage Rd, Pescadero CA 94060, call (650) 879-0147.


2010-10-06 15:44:00

simply beautiful- isn't nature grand ;))


2010-07-30 18:01:00

Love your work!)


2009-10-10 02:54:00

Great shot my friend!!! )

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