Richmond District Neighborhood

San Francisco, CA

The Richmond has an unusual feel to it. It's got a ton of Asian stores and restaurants and yet it's more spacious-looking and less overloaded with sights and sounds than Chinatown. Laid-back is how I'd describe it. You can walk along Clement Street and pick up some great international groceries in one of the Asian markets (try Richmond New May Wah Supermarket, with its collection of interesting household items) and then grab a coffee or a meal at one of the hip, casual cafes. Young professional people come here to go on a date on Friday nights. Clement Street is slightly raised up on a hill and somehow it just feels spacious. Also, the tree-lined neighborhoods of the Presidio are a short walk away.
Blue Danube Cafe is a homey, run-down little cafe with a cool vibe to it. The tables are decorated with art, the walls are painted, and anyone feels welcome. Healthy soups and simple meals are to be had, along with good coffee.
For delicious curries and Burmese samosas, check out Burma Superstar. Yum! Try their deep-fried banana with ice cream. Come early or there'll be a wait.
A funny ice cream shop is the Toy Boat Dessert Cafe. Kids enjoy the action figures laid out and you can buy an action figure of anyone imaginable here, even Jesus. There are sandwiches, salads, soups, and wraps, and the desserts are really good- try the carrot cake or lychee ice cream.
For a great breakfast, go to Velo Rouge Cafe. There's a red bicycle hanging in front, and on the menu there are several bicycle-themed drinks. 
Green Apple Books is a large used book store in the neighborhood with a surprise around every corner. Check out the recommended books section.

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The Richmond is very accessible by car from the north. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, take Highway 1 South. Turn left on California Street and then right onto one of the side streets and park. There are plenty of parking spaces on Clement Street too, but you'll have to come early to get parking on a Friday night.
Richmond May Wah Supermarket, 707 Clement St, San Francisco CA 94118, call (415) 221-9826.
Blue Danube Cafe, 306 Clement St, call (415) 221-9041.
Burma Superstar, 305 Clement St, call (415) 387-2147.
Toy Boat Dessert Cafe, 410 Clement St, call (415) 751-7505.
Velo Rouge Cafe, 798 Arguello St, call (415) 752-7799.
Green Apple Books, 506 Clement Street, call (415) 387-2272.


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