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Jim Green Trail, Atascadero

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Jim Green Trail, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo California


Jim Green Trail (ask google maps for Jim Green Trailhead not Jim Green Trail, or else it will take you to the wrong place) is a 1.6 mile loop walk through mystical forest! I love it! The yellow grasses and gnarled trees and pure silence are just beautiful. The trail starts out along the railway tracks but soon goes uphill into the forest. At this point there is shade. On the way up the hill you can see views of shimmering water, which is unfortunately the wastewater district! The view of the mountains catching the morning light are nice. Little wildflowers line the dirt path here and there. The loop is not too long but there are two spots where you can cut back early if you'd like. People generally take the right fork when they get to the hilly part, but it's a loop so either way is fine. There are plenty of friendly people on the trail every morning.
Atascadero is often sunny when the rest of the coast is socked in with fog so if you want a bright colorful walk this is the place to come on a foggy day.
After, have a tea and scone or quiche at Bramble Pie Co in downtown Atascadero. It's a lovely spot to sit and look out their huge sunny windows. Walk some more, over to Sunken Gardens in front of City Hall, just a block away.



Jim Green Trailhead is located at 7895 Cortez Ave, Atascadero, CA 93422. There is plenty of parking in a dirt parking lot.

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