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Clairmont Lavender Farm, Los Olivos

Santa Barbara, CA
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Clairmont Lavender Farm, Los Olivos, Santa Barbara California


Clairmont Lavender Farm is idyllic in June or July. Waves of purple stretch out to the views of mountains and olive trees. Charming ironwork chairs beckon you to stay a while and pretend that you're in Provence. The gazebo under the huge oak tree is a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the cool breeze. Kids enjoy "swimming" through the rows of organic lavender, playing around the statue of liberty and lion statues, and scooping up the excess lavendar bits around the grounds and tossing them to the sky to return as lavender rain. The owner is friendly and invites you to walk through the rows and explore. Kids enjoy bringing a purple sachet home for their closet and it'll make your car smell so good as you drive around the countryside. What a perfect day!
Spanish missionaries planted the glorious row of olive trees that line the driveway to Clairmont Farm. Also, some of the oak trees are three hundred years old.
After your time here, head over to downtown Santa Ynez, a cute town with old western buildings and beautiful Victorian houses. 
On your way to the lavender farm, stop and have a blast at the medieval-themed playground, Sunny Fields Park. You couldn't ask for a nicer playground. Also, check out the miniature horses at Quicksilver Ranch. If you're here in June or July (which you should be for the lavender) you may see baby horses stumbling around their mothers on wobbly legs- the cutest sight!


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Views of hills and olive trees.
Views of hills and olive trees.
Row of olive trees planted by Spanish missionaries almost 200 years ago.
Row of olive trees planted by Spanish missionaries almost 200 years ago.
Oak tree, gazebo, and ironwork chairs.
Oak tree, gazebo, and ironwork chairs.
Ironwork chair and tree stumps.
Ironwork chair and tree stumps.
Swimming in the lavender.
Swimming in the lavender.
Ladies choosing some lavender lotion.
Ladies choosing some lavender lotion.


Clairmont Lavender Farm is located at 2480 Roblar Avenue, Los Olivos, CA 93441, call (805) 688-7505.
It's very easy to get lost when searching for Clairmont Lavender Farm. Follow these directions carefully! From Highway 246 turn north on Alamo Pintado Rd. You will pass amazing Sunny Fields Park on the right and Quicksilver Ranch with its miniature horses on the left. Turn right at the sign for Alamo Pintado Rd (yes, the same street name). Turn right immediately on Roblar Ave. The lavender farm is on your right.
The farm is open to visitors Wed-Mon 10-4. Closed Tuesdays.

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11/24/2010 10:58
Very friendly owners

06/20/2010 22:34
Thanks, Meryl. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It's nice to get feedback on it. I still have more photos to add. Thanks for sharing your beautiful farm with everyone.

06/19/2010 08:40
I know I may be be prejudiced but I was delighted with your photo and story. We are aim to give families a feeling of welcome and especially to have the children and the adults enjoy the field. So thanks again.
We love this old place.

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