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Rhoads Park

Santa Barbara, CA
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Rhoads Park, Santa Barbara California


Rhoads Park is a cute little park that not many people know about. Some moms got together, raised money, and convinced the county to build a neighborhood park there. You will find a huge grassy lawn that's popular with dog owners, a nice toddler playground, swings, some trees, and expansive mountain views. Unfortunately the shady parts are not by the playground so you need to come early or late in the day. Late in the day is best since the playground is almost always wet in the morning. Combine a visit to the park with a long walk on the nearby Coast Route bike path (walk south on San Marcos Rd to get to the bike path entrance) and you have the perfect excursion!
For a toy store nearby, check out Bennett's Toys & Educational Materials. They have a train set your kids can play with while you look at their toy and book selection.
Have lunch at Crushcakes, in a cute craftsman house with big windows and a back patio with flowers and a lime tree, or at Old Town Coffee which has outdoor seating with strung lights, or Dean A Coffee Shop which has large windows, outdoor seating under umbrellas, and good egg sandwiches. There are many coffee shops around here!


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The playground, designed for the toddler crowd.
The playground, designed for the toddler crowd.
The shady section and swings are nice.
The shady section and swings are nice.
This is a cute place!
This is a cute place!
Nice window inside Crushcakes.
Nice window inside Crushcakes.


Rhoads Park is located at Burtis St and S. San Marcos Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93111.
Exit Highway 101 at Turnpike Rd. Head toward the ocean. Turn right on Hollister Ave. Turn left on San Marcos Rd, left on Anita Ln, right on Burtis St and it will take you directly to the park. Park your car along the road.
Bennett's Toys & Educational Materials, Magnolia Shopping Center, next to Subway Sandwiches in the back, 5148 Hollister Avenue, call (805) 964-8998. Closed Sundays.
Crushcakes, 5392 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93111. Open daily 8-4.

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07/21/2010 13:09
great- i love this park

07/14/2010 12:05
Great for little kids all it's missing is a big sand box. Great open field to play soccer or ball with older kids.

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