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University Circle Playground, Goleta

Santa Barbara, CA
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University Circle Playground, Goleta, Santa Barbara California


University Circle Playground is a neighborhood playground with baby swings, regular swings, a bouncy rhinoceros, bridge, stepping circles, toddler slides, and two larger slides in a small recessed area by a creek. There are picnic tables, benches, and tons of trees. This is a dry area that isn't very pretty but it's a pleasant place to spend an hour with your young child. There are no restrooms.
If you're hungry, head south on Patterson Ave to Calle Real where you will find cafes and coffee shops in strip malls along both sides of the road.
From Patterson Ave you can take Highway 217 to Goleta Beach, a popular beach with pier, restaurant with good food and beautiful views, white cliffs, and playground with ocean view.


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The pretty trees, the structure, and the rhinoceros bouncy.
The pretty trees, the structure, and the rhinoceros bouncy.
Play structure and swings.
Play structure and swings.


University Circle Playground is at the 5400 block of Merida Dr, Santa Barbara CA 93111.
Exit Highway 101 at Patterson Ave and head north. Turn left on University Dr and follow it (it becomes Berkeley Rd). Turn right on Merida Dr and park along the road. The playground is on the left in a recessed area.

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DuPar Fam
05/19/2015 09:47
University Circle Park is also a shady park that includes a dog park as well as 2 play structures (for 2-5 year olds and for 5-12 year olds). This park is located in the county near North Patterson.


Great structure for the littest kids with no high places to fall off

Structures for both big and little kids
Lots of shade
Set back from the road to keep the littles from escaping!

No bathroom
The woods and creek nearby have lots of places for littles to hide

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