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Lido Beach

Sarasota FL
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Lido Beach, Sarasota FL


Lido Beach is a pretty beach with white sand that becomes more brown and hard-packed by the shore. Little birds scurry along as the tiny waves chase them. The water is a pale turquoise and smells slightly of sulfur. This beach feels more cozy than Siesta Beach, but less happening. A walking path runs along the road that fronts the beach, though it has little shade. Lido Beach is walking distance from St Armands Circle, where you can shop or eat at a restaurant. Visit Mote Marine Lab Aquarium, a very short drive away, to see the cute animals like the manatee that kisses the glass in front of you.


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Pretty sand and water.
Pretty sand and water.
The walking path along Benjamin Franklin Road.
The walking path along Benjamin Franklin Road.


The free parking lot for Lido Beach is located just north of 700 Benjamin Franklin Drive. There is also free parking along the road.

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05/08/2017 09:38
My favorite place on earth! Laidback, cozy, sandy...beautiful!

12/14/2016 05:13
Great place to live! The weather is warm and the town and beach are kept so clean! Great restaurants and fun people of all ages.

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