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Children's Museum of the Lowcountry, Charleston

South Carolina
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Children's Museum of the Lowcountry, Charleston, South Carolina NC


Kids love to play for hours at Children's Museum of the Lowcountry in Charleston. The highlight is a medieval castle that you can climb on two levels, with a beautiful queen's bed, perfect spots for spying on visitors, a small rope-climbing ramp, a cauldron cooking area, and stable. Next door is the art room, filled with recycled supplies for your child to make works of art! Kids can also paint on a real easel. Another room is an area with blue foam blocks that have holes so you can make an impressive fortress or ramp. The pirate ship area has a jail cell with bars, a poster that lists pirate language your kids can learn such as argh!, a steering wheel, and a rocking floor that feels like the motion of a boat- don't get sea sick! There are cute decorations like a treasure box, egret, dolphin, and crates.
At the water play area, kids can learn about the water cycle. In the evaporation cycle a sun lights up and a tube sucks water from the flooded town. For precipitation, shower heads rain down on the mountains toward the back of the town; the rain then heads into the flood gates which kids can open and close. Then for the condensation cycle, a cloud moves back and forth above. This area has cars and boats to move across the town's roads and waterways. It has a power plant powered by water, bridges that you can switch directions, and even an innovative question: How can we make roads go under rivers?
The grocery store is a very grand store! A giant pineapple holds compartments with fruits displayed. There is a bakery, meat department, produce section, and a cash register so your kids can pretend they work at Publix! The store has carts, grocery baskets, and cashier vests.
In the toddler section, a small wall and gate keeps your kids from escaping! There are plastic rocking horses, and other toys.
There are plenty of kids of all ages at this museum, so your child will find a friend who loves imagination like they do!
There are many places to eat nearby, along King Street, though there are a lot of homeless people. 


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Kids having a blast!
Kids having a blast!
Medieval walls.
Medieval walls.


Children's Museum of the Lowcountry is located at 25 Ann St, Charleston, SC 29403.
Open Tues-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5, and open late on Fri until 8pm. Closed Mondays. Admission is $12 for non-residents, $10 for SC residents, and free for children under 12 months old.  
The closest parking garage is at 63 Mary St, Charleston, SC 29403. The price is about $1.50 per half hour for parking.

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