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Wabasso Causeway Park, Vero Beach

Stuart, FL
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Wabasso Causeway Park, Vero Beach, Stuart FL


Wabasso Causeway Park is one of those parks that you find all over Florida that look so appealing. It's a spot beside the road that connects the barrier islands with the mainland. And it looks out on the beautiful intracoastal waterway. Here you can climb on rocks looking at purple colored crabs. There is plenty of shade under tall Australian pines. You can even just stay in your car in the shade and look out at the water just a few feet in front of you. Families set up picnics on the sand here while kids swim in the murky water. Others enjoy kayaking or jet-skiing. The best part about this park is that there is shade plus a breeze off the water so it's a good choice on a hot day (most days in Florida!).
While in the area, take a drive along Live Oak Dr on Wabasso Island. The mansions and incredible trees are just lovely. Also stop to take a look at the Environmental Learning Center, a beautiful spot on Wabasso Island where you can do a lot of interesting exploring!
Another fun place to explore and find crabs among the rocks is the Sebastian Inlet Rock Pools.


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Shady spot to park and look at the water.
Shady spot to park and look at the water.
Two boys explore the rocks, while people kayak in the background.
Two boys explore the rocks, while people kayak in the background.


Wabasso Causeway Park is located on the north side of the road on Bridge Blvd as it crosses from the mainland to Wabasso Island. The address is Bridge Blvd, Vero Beach 32963.
If you need an address for your GPS, you can use that of the Environmental Learning Center, on Wabasso Island (you'll pass the Wabasso Causeway Park to get there): 255 Live Oak Dr, Vero Beach FL 32963.

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