Binnenhof Castle, The Hague

The Netherlands

Binnenhof is a 13th century gothic castle built around a spacious courtyard, originally a residence of the counts of Holland. Today, it houses the chambers of parliament. On warm days people gather around the golden statue in middle of the courtyard, enjoying the views.
The most prominent building, in the center, is Ridderzaal, Knight's Hall, originally built as a ballroom. It has a beautiful rose window and lovely towers reaching to the sky.
As you walk through the eastern gates to the inner courtyard of Binnenhof, the overall feeling is one of awe. The heights of the buildings are very impressive. It feels as though you are in a Harry Potter set!
You can't go inside any of the buildings. Continue through the courtyard and out the west side to the bridge over the lake, to see the outer walls of Binnenhof across the lake. It's a lovely view! Then have a drink at Plaats, where many people gather on warm days to sit out in the sun. Or stroll along the pedestrian-only shopping streets and the Lange Voorhout (a tree-lined street with foreign consulates).
Another great place to go for a coffee is Plein, a sunny square to the east of Binnenhof.

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The eastern gate that leads into the courtyard.

People standing on the eastern end, near the gate.

Bike riding through Binnenhof.

The mix of buildings that make up Binnenhof.

The side of Ridderzaal.

Ridderzaal, Knight's Hall, that sits in the center of Binnenhof.

What an impressive place!

Clocktower on Ridderzaal, Knight's Hall.

Carved heads (upper left) symbolizing eavesdroppers from the heavens to deter assembly members from lying.

Closeup of the carved eavesdroppers.

Young people sit at the golden fountain in the middle of the courtyard.

Binnenhof, as seen from the bridge across Hofvijver Lake. Statue of William II on horseback.

The bridge over Hofvijver Lake affords good views of Binnenhof.

The King's office and Mauritshuis, across the lake.

View of modern architecture behind Binnenhof.

Binnenhof is located just west of Mauritshuis. You can use the address of Mauritshuis to find it: Plein 29, 2511 CS Den Haag, Netherlands.

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