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Crestview Park and Camarillo Mansions

Ventura, CA
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Crestview Park and Camarillo Mansions, Ventura California


This area of Camarillo is fun to drive around. First there's Crestview Park, a pleasant park with beautiful old trees. The playground is one of the metal, outdated ones but the scenery is so nice that it's ok. There is sand under the playground where kids happily play. The playground is on a street intersection so you feel safe even if alone.
If you drive north on Crestview Ave and turn right on Valley Vista Dr, you can explore an area of mansions. There are gorgeous trees of all sorts: Jacaranda, Olive, Pepper, and Liquid Amber. Las Posas Country Club is at the end of Valley Vista Dr (it changes name to Fairway Dr). Turn right on Vista del Mar and there are some beautiful French-style manors with views of the entire valley and the little orange orchards that dot the hillside. It's nice to drive different roads and see what you find!
Spanish Hills, along Camino Tierra Santa, looked on the map like it would be a cool area but I didn't like it much. The new Tuscan-style mansions are hideously big and right beside commercial agricultural land. Although it looks on google maps as if there are parks (possibly with playgrounds) here, they are golf areas. The views over the valley are nice though.
Places to See Nearby
Old Town Camarillo, which has been revitalized recently, has a cool European-style cafe with super good food, Panini Place, plus stylish Element Coffee where you can hang out with free wifi. A walk around the old town to beautiful St. Mary Magdalen Church is really pleasant.
Camarillo Ranch House, where Adolfo Camarillo lived, is one of the nicest Victorian houses I've seen- it's well worth visiting and you can learn more about the area from the great tour guides. Valle Lindo Park is a large park filled with redwoods, bridges, winding paths, and play equipment- a pleasant place for a walk or to stop with your kids.


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The old metal playground.
The old metal playground.
Views over the valley from Spanish Hills (Camino Tierra Santa).
Views over the valley from Spanish Hills (Camino Tierra Santa).


Exit Highway 101 at Las Posas Rd and head north. At the second large intersection you will see Crestview Park. Pass the park and turn left on Camino Esplendido. You can park your car along the road.
To find some mansions, exit Highway 101 at Las Posas Rd and head north. Keep going straight and the road becomes Crestview Ave. Turn right on Valley Vista Dr. Turn right on Vista del Mar Avenue. From there keep driving around the streets and see what you find!

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Aww it is so nice up there!! I miss it so much...xoxo

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