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Foggy Bottom neighborhood

Washington DC
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Foggy Bottom neighborhood, Washington DC DC


If you want good food, come to Foggy Bottom neighborhood, northwest of the National Mall. You will be so happy to be away from the endless touristy madness of the National Mall! Come and hang with the hip students! Shop at a great Whole Foods grocery store! Eat some healthy food for a change! Roti Mediterranean is a good option, with counter-service food that is incredibly delicious (especially the couscous)! What a relief after the icky food at the National Mall!
Foggy Bottom is a neighborhood full of international and American offices, such as the Red Cross and the World Bank. Much of it is also taken up by George Washington University- that is why there are so many cool students everywhere! It feels so good to be somewhere with students, nice atmosphere (cute sidewalk cafes), and real food.
For a waiter-service restaurant with fresh food, try Founding Farmers DC. 
It's a sixteen minute walk directly north from the Lincoln Memorial to Roti Mediterranean and Whole Foods. It's a twelve minute walk west from Renwick Gallery to Roti Mediterranean and Whole Foods.


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Interior of Roti Modern Mediterranean.
Interior of Roti Modern Mediterranean.
Roti Modern Mediterranean and its nice outdoor seating.
Roti Modern Mediterranean and its nice outdoor seating.
Pedestrian-only area with cafes.
Pedestrian-only area with cafes.


A nice strip of sidewalk cafes, such as Roti Mediterranean, is located at 2221 I St NW, Washington, DC 20037.
Founding Farmers DC is located at 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006.

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