Korean War Veterans Memorial

Washington DC

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is full of atmosphere. Nineteen statues of soldiers rise out of juniper bushes, signifying the difficult terrain in Korea. This really sets the tone for the hardship faced by those who faught. There is also a granite wall, similar to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (a four minute walk north) but instead of names etched into it, there are pictures of some of the troops, which ends up being less effective I think. A shallow pool has numbers etched into it, of how many US and UN servicemen died, were captured, and were injured. Around the pool are the most amazing linden trees, thick and cut out to form a semi-circle. There are some benches for resting under the trees. On another wall is the inscription: "Freedom is not free."
The memorial is located on the far southwest end of the National Mall. It was dedicated in 1995.
Walk five minutes southeast to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, or two minutes northwest to the Lincoln Memorial and then another two minutes northeast to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Looking across the pool to the wall.

Pool, linden trees, and quote "Freedom is not free."

Views of green, from under the linden trees.

A family walks by pictures of troops etched in the wall.

The sculptures rising out of juniper bushes.

Soldier sculptures and the wall in the distance.

Walking along the path by the wall.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is located at 900 Ohio Dr SW, on the far southwest end of the National Mall. You can park along Ohio Dr SW and walk about 10-15 minutes to get to the memorial, depending on how far down you have to drive to find a parking spot.

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