Thomas Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin

Washington DC

Thomas Jefferson Memorial is the loveliest of the memorials in Washington DC! It is on a large expanse of water, the Tidal Basin, which makes it special. You can see the memorial from across the water on a shady path with benches (by the paddle boat rentals and Tidal Basin Parking Lot, an eight minute walk from the memorial), which is a delightful view! Come in the morning when it's not crowded. The quiet really adds to the experience. It's incredible how huge the statue and the columns are. Wow! Awe-inspiring! It's wonderful to read the quotes. Come on a sunny day if you can because the columns look wonderful against the blue sky.
After, walk east ten minutes around the Tidal Basin to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, a free museum (you need tickets but you can get them when you arrive). Or walk west eleven minutes to the Roosevelt Memorial, which is unique with its many statues formed into "rooms" and fountains, though the fountains smell bad.
To delve into another president's life, visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, where there's a world-class museum about his life.

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Walkway by the water.

Paddle boat with a view.

Shady spot to take in the views.

Paddle boats and swan boats.

Walkway toward the memorial.

Reflection of the Washington Memorial in the Tidal Basin.

Stairs leading up to the memorial.

Impressive columns.

Looking through the columns toward the water.

Blue sky and columns.

The size of the monument is awe-inspiring.

Statue of Jefferson and quotes by him.

Giant columns, a couple, and Washington Memorial in the distance.

Huge statue of Thomas Jefferson.

View of Jefferson Memorial from Tidal Basin near Roosevelt Memorial.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial is located at 701 E Basin Dr SW, Washington, DC 20242. You can park at the Tidal Basin Parking Lot at Maine Ave SW. Google maps seems to be able to find this parking lot if you type in 1500 Evens Maine Parking, Washington DC. The parking lot is an eight minute walk from the memorial.

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