Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington DC

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, built in 1982 and designed by Maya Lin, is one you've probably seen in images before. It is a slightly recessed area in the National Mall, and features a black polished granite L-shaped wall etched with the names of over 58,000 lost Vietnam War veterans. With a graphite pencil and paper, visitors can make a rubbing of the name of their lost loved one. Visitors often leave sentimental items or flowers near the name of their loved one, especially on days like Father's Day. The wall was controversial at first because of its stark design but has become popular and meaningful to Americans.
Opposite the wall, a statue of Three Soldiers looks down on the memorial. 
Walk two minutes southwest to visit the Lincoln Memorial, which has beautiful views of the Washington Memorial obelisk reflected in the pool. And then continue another two minutes to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, a unique memorial with statues of soldiers rising out of the juniper bushes. Or walk nine minutes east to the National World War II Memorial.

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Visitors at the memorial on Father's Day 2018.

Washington Memorial, US Capitol, and reflecting pool, on the way to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Walking down to the wall.

The wall and Washington Memorial in the distance.

Red, yellow, and white roses along the wall.

Roses left at the entrance to the wall.

Tree by the reflecting pool.

Walkway between Vietnam Veterans Memorial and National World War II Memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located at 5 Henry Bacon Dr NW, Washington, DC 20245. It is on the far west end of the National Mall, on the Northern side. You can park along the street on Ohio SW Drive and then walk 10-15 minutes to it.

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