Lotsa Fun Maps Screen Saver

Want our beautiful photos on your screen saver? Now you can! Download the installer below and enjoy the show! For Free! When you see something you like hit space bar to be taken to its entry on our website!


Free Lotsa Fun Maps Screen Saver for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 both for 64 and 32 bits).

Changes September 3, 2015 Better HTTP downloading ( support for IPv6). August 30, 2015 Bug fix. August 28, 2015 More performance improvements. August 20, 2015 Added DPI awareness. August 20, 2015 Performance improvement. August 12, 2015 Added region name to display. August 11, 2015 reworked screensaver to support dual screens and latest Windows. August 12, 2006 minor bugfix for EJPEG error. August 8, 2006 minor bugfix.