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Santa Cruz Pier

San Francisco, CA
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Santa Cruz Pier, San Francisco California


Santa Cruz Pier is a lively spot, where you can stroll along and enjoy the views. Across the water, the boardwalk amusement park stretches out along the shore and makes for a festive feeling. On the other side of the pier a beach topped by cliffs and houses provides another good view. There are plenty of restaurants and a knick-knack store. Best of all, you can watch sea lions laying on the crossbars below the pier!
Dogs are banned on the pier.
You can walk to the boardwalk and ride all day on the many rides for $32.
While you're near the redwoods, take a train ride through the forest at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton- it's a dream! Or you can take a train ride with the same company directly from Santa Cruz Boardwalk to Roaring Camp Railroads!


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Walking along Santa Cruz pier...
Walking along Santa Cruz pier...
Sea lions sunbaking beneath Santa Cruz pier.
Sea lions sunbaking beneath Santa Cruz pier.


Santa Cruz Pier is located at 21 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060.
From Hwy 1, take Bay Street toward the ocean. At the end, turn left. Turn right onto the pier. There is parking on the pier, and there are yucky restrooms with a sink that splashes everybody else's dirty water on you (avoid if possible!).

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09/19/2009 20:41
I love this place. There are bumper stickers that say "keep Santa Cruz weird" and that is an understatement!

09/09/2009 14:10
I love Santa Cruz! Despite the traffic, it's a great place. Mellow people, music, surfers. Don't visit in summer- weather is the worst. Fall and winter are best- clear cold days. Spring is windy.

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